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High efficiency and energy saving, fast and convenient plastic sheet machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-17
In recent years, the plastic industry has huge market potential, it also benefits from the rapid development of plastic machinery, plastic machinery species diversity, complete functions. Not letter you see: the double screw extrusion sheet unit, this machine is mainly used in high filled with corn starch degradation of sheet, the machine feeding performance is good, high efficiency, exhaust performance, low energy consumption. SAP Yun evenly, three-roll calender precision is high. Trimming, winding effect is good. The adjusting range is big. A higher tooth BOPS thermoforming machine is high speed, the host screw, barrel adopt advanced modular design, material barrel is composed of multiple segment barrel, there are two groups of vent, can also according to the material. Technological requirements and combined the host structure. Transport the materials, mixing and plasticizing, shear, exhaust, continuous automatic network change, positive pressure, extrusion, calendering, trimming, such as winding process. Besides sheet twin-screw extruder unit, and multilayer plastic extruding lid unit, this machine is used in the manufacture of stationery board, beverage cups, jelly cups, decorating plate, bowl, box packing sheet, etc. Product main features: extruder screw is adopted with large length to diameter ratio, good plasticizing effect and diaphragm thickness uniform, consistent flow velocity, etc. This machine adopts advanced electric device or to rapidly replace the non-stop fast changing network device, convenient operation, good performance, improve production efficiency. High precision distributor with internal resistance flow flat extrusion die head, ensure uniform velocity and pressure of fluid cross-section the mold, etc. Super mirror belt clip set of calender rollers, the roller surface temperature uniformity, etc. Multi-layer co-extrusion sheets ( Also known as composite sheet) According to the different USES of products to choose different features, Or a different color) A mix of plastic. Ruian built up plastic machinery co. , LTD. , is specialized in plastic machinery, surface printing equipment, biodegradable machine ( Such as a plastic cup machine, fully automatic machine, printing machine and other machinery) Of high-tech enterprises, Long Sheng spirit of 'technology create value, win the market by service' entrepreneurial purposes, adhere to the line of continuous innovation and development of products from the design, research and development to the manufacturing process of the advanced technology at home and abroad as the goal, and with the spirit of bold innovation, with its high quality, practical, safe, reliable, won the trust and praise highly of by customers at home and abroad, Long Sheng marketing goal is to make China plastic machinery and equipment manufacturing industry leader.
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