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Heat shrinkable casing cutting machine parameters in detail

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
Heat shrinkable casing cutting machine technical parameters: power supply: 220 v 50/60 hz power: 250 w / 500 w/cut length: 0. 1 -- -- -- -- -- 9999. 9 mm cut width: 0. 1mm— Weight: 300 mm 33 kg specification: length * width * height W300 L360 * * H350 mm features: * high speed automatic feeding, by microcomputer program control precision of 0. 1毫米; 30000 hairs per hour can be cut short * automatic, manual operation, can feed forward or backward, and can be manually cut off; * can be mounted to the hot melt cutting knife, suitable for color woven, elastic belt, nylon, etc. ; * computer cutting machine cutting knife speed is adjustable, the liquid crystal display in Chinese; * computer cutting machine the blanking length and speed of the arbitrary continuous adjustable; * the computer cutting machine automatic grouping and total cumulative count; * batch suspension and the delay time can be set; * in automatic stop, unattended; * can automatic cutting all kinds of sheet material, tubular; After the machine equipped with the feed belt wheel, can be automatically is suitable for the pan and feeding strip coil material. * high-speed precise stepper motor control in cutting length; Tape length, speed adjustable; * computer cutting machine cutting time to protect; The total set; Points set; Points to the pause time is adjustable; * computer cutting machine equipped with all kinds of manual operation, convenient debugging; * computer cutting machine visual Chinese LCD screen display, operation simple and convenient. * using special mechanical structure and special cutting tools, with special software control, and to cut flat, length.
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