Common vacuum forming machine

For building electrical products vacuum forming machine is the most common case

by:Mengxing     2020-12-29
The most common products using vacuum molding machine include: toys plastic packaging, daily-use plastic packaging, sporting goods, plastic packaging, plastic hardware, stationery vacuum forming packaging, auto supplies vacuum forming packaging, vacuum forming packaging of electronic products, vacuum molding machine of plastic food packaging, cosmetics, plastic packaging, plastic packaging and other computer peripherals. Feed the main structure is made from plastic machine, electric furnace, grid, pull material, multi-stage adjustable size, mould plate, described in the grid, thick slices on the mould of vacuum forming machine, knife, slice, put a piece of vacuum equipment parts; And then use a pneumatic device as the primary power supply, the pull piece at the same time, the delivery is the use of electricity, reducer, relay, time relay, limit switch and automatic control systems of other electronic components. Blister machine and injection molding machine is different, it is used to control the system requirements need to ensure that the operation is convenient, mechanical action and temperature control of high precision, short production time, and so on.
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