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Food industry use snack box machine production of biodegradable plastic box

by:Mengxing     2020-06-09
Now produce of disposable plastic lunch box machine is a kind of new plastic material processing forming box, this box has not past bubbles snack box, plastic box after use, because the past of that kind of hard to degrade, will form a large number of white pollution, so this kind of material has been disabled. Currently used material is primarily a degradation of performance is better, and use rise more convenient products, for now the boxes machine processing production, can produce appropriate appearance, material toughness stronger plastic box, not pulling force can produce damage was relatively minor. Currently in use and produce this kind of snack box to the catering industry is more. In shape and now forms of snack box also has a variety of changes, a lot of snack box have partition in the form of distribution, part of the side dishes, put rice part, this is also the current snack box production machinery of the main form of plastic boxes, food shop take-away packaging is the main form, for the emergence of this product and use is very appropriate.
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