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Flexo printing machine printing technology rapid development

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
In 2013, through the study found that the direction of the flexographic printing machine design and technology development, is to reduce the printing preparation time, increase the print quality, the printing press and achieve the highest production efficiency, the purpose of the user friendly interface. Throughout the development process of these three items, the first satellite flexo printing machine based on flexible photosensitive resin version, rubber as base material, through the anilox roller transfer ink, ink printing on substrates by liquid press. Flexo printing machine generally consists of the tension control unit, feeding unit, traction feeding unit, printing unit, drying unit, winding traction unit and receiving unit of main unit, the whole machine by PLC centralized control system. This machine structure is reasonable, the printing speed is quick, simple operation, is the ideal paper printing equipment in China. There are a lot of its characteristics, including automatic correction and constant tension control; Refueling warning, villa door emulsion pump wings revolving door mulser soda mixer static mixer cut paper stop and dust removal device. These are the embodiment of the intelligent. To the second generation and development, unit type flexo printing machine, on the original characteristics of further development, the printing unit adopts ceramic roller transfer ink, single-pole reverse scraping way, ink pump automatic ink; Net roller, version roller pneumatic clutch, non-stop automatic separation; Independent motor drive network roll to prevent ink in net roller surface solidification blocking net hole; Longitudinal automatic overprint; Horizontal alignment manually.
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