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Double blister machine - — The characteristics of the lunch box machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Plastic boxes are used in the city catering industries more food packaging products, and this kind of plastic boxes used to the fast food industry, also known as snack box. So how the typical box body is made of? Actually this kind of machining manufactured plastic lunch box is adopted the boxes, and as one of the main processing plastic molding equipment, production of snack box now is one of the more important things in the city, because now form development of food industry gradually toward takeout, now most of the food industry have the form of delivery, delivery need to use it to disposable plastic lunch box machine production, the lunch box machine also is developing so born out of the new form of double blister machine, the following will introduce this kind of machine. As we know, improve the production efficiency is important mechanical development performance, and this kind of machine is in the form of double boxes can improve the efficiency of production equipment. Double boxes in the form of machine, it is a kind of through the extruder - — Net changer - — The flat die - — Blister forming machine, — Hydraulic presses a molding equipment, of which the pull-in saves sheet machine, secondary heating blister production, is a rapid production of disposable fast-food box plastic processing machinery, the production efficiency is very high!
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