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Don't put off plastic cup opportunity to problem

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
The structure of the plastic cup machine mainly by suction molding machine, slotting machine, air compressor, etc, are the main raw materials of polystyrene production. Plastic cup machine in the production of plastic cup is dressed up for a liquid or solid material of plastic products. Produce the characteristics of the plastic cup is a cup of thick heat, pour into boiling water and not soften, color is rich, light weight, not afraid to fall, etc. Widely used plastic cup with bars, office and other places. In order to produce a better plastic cups, to guarantee the performance of the plastic cup machine, so in the normal work of system cup machines, if encounter failure, to solve in time, in order to reduce the loss. In production, plastic cup machine common fault has thermostat display is not normal, the oil pump does not start, pull piece of drag chain, not to drop a cup, cup bottom is too soft, etc. , these problems, to timely find out the reason, and solve. Only in this way can better play out of the plastic cup machine performance, producing high quality plastic cups, gain more benefits.
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