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Domestic vacuum molding machine need to adjust the direction

by:Mengxing     2020-12-29
According to experts predicted, our energy saving vacuum molding machine production in recent years, will be increasing, is expected to increase to 670000 ( Set) , but, injection molding machine if only depend on increasing capital investment, expand the scale of production of such vulgar management, it must be no, vacuum forming machine we need to meet the needs of the development of situation, this is mainly due to the packing of the domestic production have very big change, gradually entered the adjustment of product structure, improve the ability of development in the new period. And this is vacuum forming machine to have a lot of change, in the product structure, for example, take the market as the guidance, as far as possible to the family with low technology content, low level of competition situation, like this can eliminate a number of inefficient high consumption, low grade and low value-added, labor-intensive products, at the same time, more efforts to develop and produce high efficiency low energy consumption, production and sales of large complete sets of equipment as well as the high new technology products. In addition on the function of packaging, industrial and agricultural products is also need to start to refinement and diversity, to strengthen macro guidance and industry coordination at the appropriate time. According to the current development of domestic packaging industry, the market need reasonable introduce advanced didn't prepare, speed up the process of digestion and absorption. Market demand for those big, technical difficulty of food vacuum forming machine, edge strength, enterprises need to be more concentrated industry, want to combine production, study and research, to be organized, targeted to absorb and researches, such ability can be developed with intellectual property rights of vacuum forming machines, so as to completely break the foreign technology monopoly, also can let the domestic vacuum molding machine on a class.
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