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Describe flexographic plate-making process

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
Flexo printing, as a kind of environmental protection, the rapid development of flexible version has high flexibility, high resistance rate, high resolution. To make high quality plate, besides high quality plate also need high-quality plate-making technology and plate making equipment. This article to KMY type flexible plate maker as an example to introduce flexible plate-making technology characteristics. A flexible plate maker, KMY flexible plate maker set exposure, washing, drying, post-processing technology at an organic whole. All the process is controlled by microcomputer, data accurate, high precision, simple operation. The device functions are as follows: 1, exposure: imported special plate lamp as light source, exposure light source is stable. 2, wash version: version adopts two-way automatic washing, washing edition fine brush young, pretty good, can make, 0 + line 1 inch screen and more fine lines and small text. 3, baked version: self-control WenHeng, heat evenly. 4, the post-processing: imported philips except the glue tube, mixed exposure, time saving, and high work efficiency. Second, the flexographic plate-making process flexographic plate-making process: the manuscript to film ( Yin) To exposure to rinse, drying, post-processing. 1, original: suitable for flexible printing original manuscript design should have the following characteristics: (1) color more, but less dieyin; (2) are not required to reproduce very small details; (3) cable is not too high, but the color printing effect can be achieved; (4) can be on line for packaging processing. 2, film ( Yin) : (1) perfect for plate making, graphic clear, accurate size specifications; (2) use grind arenaceous film; (3) for the corners of film density is consistent; (4) using release. it CNS; (5) with transmission density gauge measuring, white a density of 0. 6 the following; Black density of 3. More than 5. 3, exposure: back exposure and the main exposure: (1) back exposure: photosensitive resin version of the supporting membrane up protective film down flat in exposure drawer accept exposure. Ultraviolet light through supporting membrane curing photosensitive adhesive layer. Purpose is to build a solid base, also can control the depth, strengthen the adhesion strength of the supporting membrane and photosensitive resin layer. Back exposure time according to the need of the thickness of the base. (2) the main exposure: photosensitive resin plate supporting membrane facing down, protective film up. Tile in exposure drawer, will be continuous a tear off protective film, the film again release. it stickers on the photosensitive resin plate, flat cover in the vacuum membrane film ( Not release. it surface) , vacuum film laminating closely with photosensitive resin layer. Ultraviolet ray through vacuum film and film pervious to light part, make polymerization curing photosensitive plate parts. The main exposure time length determined by plate type and light intensity. Exposure time is too short make graphic slope is too straight, curved lines, fine print, dot some wash off, whereas the exposure time is too long will apply version, blur. If there is a big, the fine print on the same plate, coarse and fine lines, visible with black film cover exposure respectively, tiny part won't be lost because of flushing, in order to ensure the quality of the plate. 4, flush: dissolve not photosensitive part wash, reserved photopolymerization reliefs. Wash version of the length of time according to plate thickness and the plating depth is decided, wash version time too short, version will leave not photosensitive resin which might affect the depth of the plate making, version wash time too long can make plate expansion, lead to a fine part deformation or fall off. Version 5, drying: remove the washing solvent, the thickness of the plate to restore the original size. Baking temperature is in commonly 50 - Between 60 degrees. Baking time according to the length of the plate thickness and washing time, the general version for two hours, thin version for one hour. Baking time is too long, baked version temperature will make the plate brittle and affecting the service life of printing. Baking temperature is too low will extend the baking time, baking time is too short, printing rotten version phenomenon occurs. 6, post-processing: in addition to stick with the exposure. The photosensitive resin thoroughly sclerosis ( Aggregation) To achieve proper hardness index, and remove the plate viscous, ink transfer. Post-processing time derived from the test, the purpose is not crack, not sticky. Above introduction KMY type flexible plate-making equipment and plate making process. With the rapid development of printing technology, our factory will keep pace with The Times, constantly develop better plate making equipment.
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