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Demand for plastic cup machine characteristics ( On)

by:Mengxing     2020-03-24
System cup machine is the most classic of the plastic machinery products, this product also provides our city extensive use of plastic cups, disposable paper cups. And sheet machine is another kind of plastic machinery, its role is to put the plastic processing, so as to produce the product for other machinery raw materials, and different polymer has different characteristics, so use the plastic machinery is different also, introduce several kinds of characteristic of plastic here. Production of polyethylene plastic crown for the plastics industry, the towel with high pressure polyethylene production is the largest. Polyethylene resin as non-toxic, tasteless, white or milky white, soft and translucent marble aggregate, density of 0. 91 - 0. 96 g/cm3, crystalline plastics. Polyethylene as polymerization by using pressure of different, can be divided into high, medium and low pressure polyethylene. The molecular structure of the high-pressure polyethylene is not a simple linear, but with many branched chain of dendrimers, so it is not high, the crystallinity of ( Only 60% of crystallinity, 70%) , low density, relative points in quality is small, often referred to as the low density polyethylene. Its heat resistance, hardness, low mechanical strength and so on, but it's good dielectric properties, good flexibility, impact resistance and transparency, processing performance is good, also suitable for lunch box machine. The molecular structure of the medium and low pressure polyethylene is linear molecules, few branched chain its relative molecular mass and high crystallinity, Up to 87% 95%) , density, relative molecular mass is big, often referred to as the high density polyethylene. Its heat resistance, high hardness, mechanical strength, but the flexibility, impact resistance and transparency, poor processing performance.
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