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DE film coating machine in common phenomenon of orange stripes

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
Orange peel phenomenon is common in the process of coating paint and coating machine are harder to overcome problems flowing property, affected by many factors, greatly affect the smoothness of coating. Reasons and countermeasures as follows: ( 1) In the process of spraying, due to solvent evaporation fast, wet film viscosity increases sharply, make it difficult to flow leveling and orange peel. Measures are according to the season temperature environment to select the appropriate thinner, such as polyurethane paint thinners have winter and summer. ( 2) Plastic workpiece temperature is too high to make instant volatile solvent, wet film to flow. ( 3) Spray spray paint quantity is too small or too far away, when the surface deposition coating is too thin, it difficult to flow flat. ( 4) Spray gun atomization bad, too much paint fog particles have orange lines. To reduce the quantity of paint and improve the compressed air output, improve atomization performance. ( 5) Spraying distance too close. Spray distance too close while the coating thickness is advantageous to the stream, but the impact of the compressed air to make the thick film produced more orange lines, on the contrary make poor flowing property. ( 6) Paint viscosity is too large. Paint viscosity, paint spray and wet film are flowing property is poor. As carried out in accordance with the construction specification against the dilute and USES the spraying equipment with constant temperature device. ( 7) Flash dry environment temperature on the high side, or insufficient time to bake. ( 8) Spraying indoor air flow velocity is too fast, make wet membrane solvent volatilization quickly and difficult to flow. ( 9) Substrate roughness of the shortwave orange lines, spray to improve cleanliness, particles on the surface to reduce, reduce the polishing in order to avoid coating surface was damaged and orange peel is produced. ( 10) Flying mist in the coating film on the surface of the deposit is also a factor to the orange stripes. In addition, as much as possible to improve the thickness of the varnish coat and prolong flash main flat, can greatly reduce the orange lines, especially the vertical plane of the orange stripes.
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