Common vacuum forming machine

Daily maintenance of machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
Machine due to high production efficiency and liberation of human hands, widely used in all walks of life. Machine in bring us convenient, at the same time also need daily maintenance and maintenance. For cup printing machine, the obstacle in order to make the mould in the endless consumption of DeLiang always like a good product, required to perform the current protection and routine maintenance tasks. Mold attack that everything is smooth and fitting or similar, for instance, should protect every 8 hours. Review of linear bearing guide pin guide bush could have rowed a trace. If so, should be sure the cause of the scratch. For linear bearing guide sleeve smooth add fat twice every week. To help every 8 hours tamponade stem light with a smooth food-grade grease. Give out every 8 hours light pole with a smooth grease. Review every 16 hours of ejection rod, the pressure sierra rod lock nut loose. Every 8 hours with air rifle clean die body, will die in a lowest position. Believe everyone read the above introduction, should know how to maintain a cup machine
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