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Buy system cup machines need to pay attention to?

by:Mengxing     2020-03-08
When buying system cup machines need to pay attention to what? 1, before a series of choose and buy cup machine first to know is where I bought a machine is to use a product packaging, and when making the choice of model had better be to choose machine. 2, now the network has very strong, say as long as you want to know the information can be detected. That before buying system cup machines should through the Internet or other sources of various brands of cup machine price have a relatively clear understanding? And can determine the buy 3 ~ 5 home products. 3, the choice of the brand. After to determine, is this a few vendors for a reputation. Good reputation and the long-term enterprise development is a cup of the quality assurance system of cup machine at work and how to maintain! 1. System cup machine can not imagine and use a full version of the color of cup machine. Full version of the color of paper cups ink stack is too heavy, and stopping seal packing paper cups wear out indirectly. Solvent ink in the process the acidity of the rigid inorganic compounds, alcohol, isopropyl alcohol of wetting liquid, volatile gas of glazing coating etc are harmful to human body strong and healthy. In a sealed space full version of the paper background partial to full cup body, near the place at the top, we use the paper cups water lips will touch the position must be at the top, you will see the above all kinds of chemical materials with liquid all the way into the body affect the body healthy. 。 So our collective initiative customer imagine the manufacturing paper cups in unfavorable idea into a full version of the color, and color piece as small as possible. As unfavorable also imagine graphics in close to the top place, out of line is a piece of the color. Otherwise it will happen the same bad influence. 2. Due to the cup after the tablet computer, 5 mm at the bottom of the cup to stop pressing, to ensure the stability of the bottom of the cup. But low through mechanical and pressure influence is received to close to the bottom of the graphics and text, affect beautiful. So imagine the manufacturing graphics at close to the bottom of text, strip should according to the height of the cup bottom up 5 mm. Unless you use specially ultrasonic paper cup forming machine can avoid. Chengdu nine today the paper cups had this kind of equipment. 3. The price we can see in the city road in 4 to 5 points in your paper cup, sheet material machine this paper quality is poor, lid machine wear manufacturer's cost is exactly is very limited, so low to a case of goods ( 2000 only) Only earn a 0. 50-1. 00 yuan. Whether in the manufacturing of scrupulously abide by royal in each working procedure and the quality is very worthy of suspicious. 。 And paper paper due to the very thin and domestic cup body deformation, put hot water hot, etc. Very safe hidden trouble. Out of line is the enterprise unit not to use inferior paper cups, this will affect the company's abstract. 4. On track wear manufacturers have the right to supply customers when a quarter of the national health department to supply the product of health to pass the review, to ensure hygiene for paper cups, 5. His cold drink cup cup machine and hot paper cups. Once they 'do', 'dislocation', threatening to the loss of robust. Cold drink paper cup appearance via spray wax or paraffin freedom, between 0 to 5 degrees, such as wax is very enron, but assuming for hot drinks, water temperature above 62 degrees, wax melting and paper cups will suction deformation. Lid machine after ablation of paraffin impurity content is high, out of line is that it contains polycyclic Finn computed. in inorganic compounds is a kind of can and carcinoma of the material, with drinks into human body, will risk people's healthy. And the appearance of hot paper cups will paste out of a layer of world film, not only good heat resistance, and no abuse. Paper cups should be drafty, cool storage, square and purification of space, storage period from the date of loss to collective don't exceed two years. 6. The paper cups factory product that the cup machine decided to brand. Play the merchants of city road has a lot to do paper cup machine they actually have not I the loss of base, but through a process of looking for other paper cups wear manufacturers to sell paper cups. Do so the customer can also from them to buy good quality paper cups, but if a result middlemen often can't supply freedom of plan, because the dealer is not to grasp the full loss link. So you bring himself out of line is the company's customers a lot easier. Arguments can is the best formulation of indirect vendor is required to supply their own out of business license, the sanitary promised to wear.
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