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Bubble film machine performance is stable

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Air bubble film machine is made of high quality polyethylene resin processing, also is a kind of packaging materials, the current widespread use of wide range of USES. Due to the air cushion membrane layer filled with air, so the body is light, elastic, with sound insulation, shockproof antiwear performance. Air bubble film machine alternative foam plastic particles filler protective equipment, such as for electronic products, cosmetics, such as audio and video CD sellers of protective packaging. 1, machine performance is stable, durable; 2, this machine can produce 3 layer composite bubble wrap. 3, the raw materials ( LDPE recycled plastic, LLDPE) Strong adaptability; 4, choose different flower roll mould, can produce Φ 6 ~ 32 range of bubble size; 5, unique tilting winding mechanism, the operation is simple, convenient; 6, one machine with water cooling and air cooling two at the same time; Water can improve the production efficiency, stereo sense is strong, transparent bubble membrane, the output of water membrane can meet do not take water; 7, frequency control of motor speed control, effectively reduce the energy consumption.
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