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Bubble film machine concept design

by:Mengxing     2020-06-05
With the constant progress of science and technology, manufacturing market situation is fast changing, the modern manufacturing industry increasingly fierce competition, the traditional mechanical design approach gradually cannot satisfy the design requirements of modern manufacturing. Can make mechanical design process more efficient and more innovative companies can adapt to market competition strategy of one of the elements. Conceptual design is the beginning of design stage, is also the focus and highlight the innovative act, stage, to the new product performance and market competitiveness has decisive influence. To this end, on the relevant theories, methods of product conceptual design process are studied, it is very necessary. Bubble film unit is the basis of the packaging materials production enterprises, through a series of process link to realize the change of state in the process of production. Due to the lack of unified bubble film industry standard, the unit has style kind of variety in the industry. In bubble film machine this kind of large, complex mechanical conceptual design process, the concept of a large number of information to be processed. In order to clear all levels concepts of information structure relationship and mapping between each other, need to study the conceptual design model. In the concept of reasoning scheme, the choice of the use of the knowledge model and knowledge directly decides the effect of reasoning and reasoning efficiency, thus, reasoning mechanism research is particularly important. Considering the bubble film machine iyashi design phase the uncertainty of information, the candidate for evaluation and optimization concept to bring very great difficulty, therefore, research on evaluation of optimization problem in the process of conceptual design also is very be necessary.
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