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Bring about the changes to packaging automation

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
Bring about the changes to packaging automation packaging industry automation era started in about 20 years ago, at that time, all mechanical equipment is equipped with a programmable logic controller ( PLC) To control logic functions and mechanical power shaft of the drive. This system cup machines, however, the first generation of automation equipment flexibility is not entirely as desired. A wire cup machine production equipment especially food, consumer products life cycle shortened, products tend to diversification, inspire greater demand for equipment flexibility. In the later development of the second generation of automation equipment, more and more functions from mechanical power shaft to the electronic drive system, the logic functions are still controlled by the PLC system. Control and drive technology was proved to be key technologies in the field of packaging machinery structure. Today, the third generation of fully electronic machine servo technology has all the advantages, at the same time set up new industry standards. BOPS thermoforming machine digital packaging machine can not only provide more output and more flexible equipment, auxiliary equipment also increased a lot of new features, such as: remote maintenance, and the company ERP system integration, a review of the production data, etc. Previously performed by the PLC logic functions is losing its importance, is now the dominant electronic movement function. With the improvement of requirements for equipment flexible, the number of servo motor are also on the increase. This means that because of different programming languages and systems, is no longer needs physical and logical interfaces. Since the mid - 90 - s, some companies have driven up integrated motion control in the field of packaging machinery and the trend of the logic control solutions. At the top of the loading equipment is becoming increasingly popular in the carton packaging. Flexible cartoning machine loading from above, is more flexible than horizontal machine. Robotic arms can be equipped with different vacuum jig, in order to adapt to different products. This solution is also very effective for composite packaging, in medicine, for example, blister packaging, playing cup machine ampoule, bottles, medicine instructions and spoon can be a top loading equipment for packaging. In the field of confectionery, top loading equipment is used to put all sorts of different shapes of chocolate in a deep plate. The top loading equipment operating flexibility for larger packaging equally effective. Machine only make minor adjustments, can adapt to different shape of container. This means that the new products to meet the requirements of the future.
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