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Boxes machine production boxes of secondary means of flowerpot

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
Boxes machine's main features are: reduce plastic products in the middle of the sheet drawing process, directly with the plastic particles and leftover material forming, save power consumption and material saving. It also has a characteristic is: the thickness of the product can be adjusted. Suitable for tofu box, jelly cup, fast-food containers, bowls and other packaging products. Today, delivery has become an indispensable part of college students' life, the development of the take-away, driving the development of the industry of manufacturing snack box, lunch box machine demand also increased. Boxes machine produces snack box, most is non-biodegradable, these disposable lunch box discarded will pollute the environment, make the white pollution is more and more serious. Here small make up recommend these boxes can be recycled to use again, converted into a flower pot, used to planting green plants, can not only beautify the environment, also can solve environmental problems.
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