BOPS thermoforming machine needs to be improved to survive

by:Mengxing     2020-02-29
In recent years due to the leap of science and technology, the birth of all kinds of electronic products, all kinds of before can't use of energy, the development and use of abundant. It also led to the original batch technology gradually 'decline', such as BOPS thermoforming machine of thermoforming technology, make a cup of machine and vacuum mould and so on are gradually 'exit the market' in recent years, the years of their exports, imports are falling, while the amplitude is not very big, but are falling year by year, has presented the 'weakness'. This trend is mainly due to the use of new technology such as ultrasonic, magnetic energy, the use of these technology brings people more fast and efficient use of experience, also it is for this reason, it cause sheet machine, molding machine and the usage of plastic mold and decline year by year, production is further stagnation. Due to the progress of science and technology, will have more technology to be eliminated, but there will be some technology be preserved, and that is the technology by improving or merge with new technology to produce a new technology, such ability in the rapid development of society 'alive'.
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