Common vacuum forming machine

BOPS thermoforming machine mould design

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
BOPS thermoforming machine with BOPS material production product, is the need to use the mould. Today, small make up to you to introduce thermoforming mould. The mould structure design including porosity and cavity, mold the rounded, concave Angle of slope, etc. Vacuum forming mould needs to have a smoke hole, hole size should fit the needs of forming the container. Smoke the size of the porosity determined according to the mobility of plastic, liquid holes smaller, vice versa. In addition, the size of the pores and sheet thickness and its relevant. Cavity size to consider pull depth and the shrinkage rate of plastic materials. Mould should avoid acute Angle, the radius of the minimum value is equal to the plate thickness, mold must have the rake Angle, convenient products. Master pattern of change is greater than or equal to a quarter than Angle °, the male should be greater than or equal to 1 °. Cavity surface of the roughness can't is too high, after processing, to play with abrasive sand or grit blasting.
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