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BOPS thermoforming machine heat sealing temperature control requirements

by:Mengxing     2020-03-15
BOPS thermoforming machine is a kind of BOPS sheet processing equipment, and BOPS sheet is very sensitive to temperature, so in the process to the volatility of the heat sealing temperature and uniformity of precise control, to ensure that yield, to satisfy this requirement, BOPS thermoforming machine for temperature control part adopts the following steps: 1, using multiple independent heating area. Due to the hole plate, mold and preheater three parts to the different requirements of temperature control, small hole plate and mold for high temperature control requirements, so the mould heating and heating holes in structure using multiple independent heating area. 2, the PID control. Domestic thermostat for switch control mode commonly, temperature fluctuation is large, and this system USES the Japan OMRON thermostat, with PID control method, make a significant drop in temperature range, the effect is very obvious. 3, water cooling auxiliary temperature control. Experience shows that rely on electric heating, while on air cooling and sheet endothermic cooling will cause temperature on impact phenomenon, which has stopped heating, but the temperature will rise, improving way is to strengthen the cooling method, the two-way controllable adjust, set on the thermostat, water cooling system doesn't work, when the temperature is lower than the point above the point, just open the water cooling system, cooling water flow in the heating plate to strengthen the cooling, in this way, significantly depressed the temperature on the impact phenomenon, to improve the temperature control effect.
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