Blister molding machine note how to judge blister products quality

by:Mengxing     2020-07-18
Blister forming machine is also known as extruder or thermoforming machine, has the work process is simple, powerful, widely used, etc, is the use of more plastic machinery equipment. Plastic products is widely used nowadays, then under the growing market demand, the use of sheet forming machine note also pay particular attention to.

in the first place, the sheet forming machine, pay attention to clean up its first before starting the work surface and the surrounding environment, and forming die is wiped clean. Carefully check sheet molding machine power button, control system, and the heating system components, such as confirmation after its normal add lubricant as required.

second, sheet forming machine, before starting the note about four fifty-minute heating. Will increase temperature to hand pulling motor v-belts, until freely, according to the normal work again spin to pull straight eight to ten times. After ten minutes or so and then continue to heat up to boot, but still want to continue to heating, because the normal production need to continue to supply heat, operators according to different properties of the plastic to adjust temperature.

moreover, sheet molding machine work, pay attention to the engine temperature will remain stable, high and low. Especially near the vent hole, until the nose position to maintain a temperature of 200 ℃ or so ( Refers to the c, b) 。

not only such, sheet molding machine into material should pay attention to whether even, have to add sufficient, because the machine into the feeding speed and feed speed to cooperate proper, or it will affect the quality of the grains and yield. In addition when stop, sheet forming machine of the host to completely cut off the power supply, and the nose plug ( With wrench part) Must be picked. For sheet forming machine after the next separately and preheating before use.

any machine is not always perfect, vacuum forming machine is not exceptional also, blister molding machine may in some cases, the production of the products is not zero defects. So how to product the discriminant? From the several aspects to proceed with cutting.

  1. Crystal: crystal is a kind of unhealthy phenomenon. Refers to the products come out or raw materials with a transparent dots, when materials or manufactured products out there one transparent dots, represents bad raw materials or finished goods.

  2. Drawing, drawing is a bad actually a blister products. And it is very serious quality problem. Specific refers to blister product lines on the arch to the grain, the slot between the slot and a thread connected together.

  3. Water lines: refers to the blister sheet production into the process of blister packaging, because of different materials and processing technology, make the finished goods like water at the surface of the corrugated, it especially in a transparent blister die test appeared in the process of production, this situation is very common, but if when water ripple obviously is very big, and a lot of time, it is also seen as the product is unqualified, but most of the PVC have phenomenon of water ripple.

  4. Scratch: this is bad phenomenon among them one, also in blister packaging products more difficult to prevent a bad phenomenon. This kind of situation will also caused a lot of suction SuChang scrap rate. Specific refers to the blister products surface is scratch presents obvious traces, called scratch.

  5. Suction does not reach the designated position, also belong to one of the undesirable phenomenon. Refers to the production of finished goods is not only just like physical model can be configured in, for example was rectangular, because smoking does not reach the designated position became half round corner. The blister packaging is not available.
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