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Because environmental protection, so the system cup machines ( On)

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
As the saying goes, food hygiene, the cup as a water container, and in countless times every day 'mouth' close contact, to clean and hygienic request is very high. But important traditional producing data of the cup is glass, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, etc. , these materials made of a unique point is repeated use of the cup. Cover &broom cup machine in People's Daily life and interpersonal relations, often there will be some need, conference room, others in public entertainment places the status of the water in the home, such as glass, plastic cup made of no inconvenience to carry and clean and disinfect. Plus infected with frequent disease in recent years, the lunch box machine for public goods is more cautious, so a small amount into the family, the beginning of disposable cups, meeting places, sheet machine public entertainment places. It is for the weak, health, high request, disposable paper cup gradually farewell, there is demand there is market, it is a small amount of demand for paper cups, paper cups have consumption system cup machines, this is on the one hand. Disposable foam plastic tableware, on the other hand, the consumption, use, recycling and so on each link are major problems. Use of foaming agent during the course of consumption, some might damage the atmospheric ozone layer, some major safe hidden danger; Improper use at low temperatures, prone to breakdowns, harmful materials to human body; After using the abandoned casually, lid opportunity to form the major environmental purification; Burials are difficult to degrade, forming open to soil and water purification, and recovery and solve difficult. Therefore, plastic while also have low margin, heat resistant, waterproof, such as strength, but for the consideration of environmental protection, state authorities have issued a 'immediately to the stagnation of consumption of disposable foam plastic tableware pressing told' and a series of files, all bearing cup machine adopts measures seriously prevent the use of disposable foam plastic tableware. But as long as clean, no paper of information is the most appropriate do disposable cups, 'in paper generation model 'to paper and wood has become a trend, system cup machines is arises at the historic moment, as a special consumption of disposable paper cup machine.
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