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Because environmental protection, so the system cup machines ( Below)

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
System cup machine is a kind of active system cup machines, it through active feeding, sealing, filling, at bottom, heating, knurling, curling, discharge continue working procedure such as consumption of the finished paper cups, boxes machine not only paper practical scale wide, can be practical in 150 g/m? - 280g/m? The domestic and export of paper, and the same machine by mould simple exchange, consumption of different specifications, different sizes of paper cups. According to statistics, in 2006 China's paper consumption is controlled in 10 billion, estimates that will also at an annual rate of 50% over the next few years, paper cups in the future market will expand, demand for paper cups of a small amount of comfort to the demand of system cup machines, mechanical skills developed central is also timely, develop this late small, simple operation, investment is not too big cup making machine, and eager to the marketing system of this machine. The understanding of system cup machines popular point, is a kind of mechanical production of paper cups. The staff revealed that sheet currently system cup machines all kinds of products on the market is less, and drawback is obvious, such as big power consumption, investment is high, the late for the introduction of capital investment is very bad. However, one by one to solve the above shortcomings, and the operation is very simple, very suitable for the introduction of investment, and the market prospect is great.
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