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Be maintained an air bubble film machine is

by:Mengxing     2020-06-05
Air bubble film machine after being maintain good impact will be late for work. 1, every time, should first check the power supply before starting, vacuum system, pneumatic system, cooling system, the device starts should check whether the rotating parts of spin to the right, usually pay attention to check the lubrication condition of the lubrication parts, electrical instrumentation to be carried out in accordance with the procedures of normal maintenance. 2, to the equipment to appoint the operation, do not allow the extruder screw without material idle, so as to avoid the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel scrape. After downtime, if barrel inside the material stock situation, before starting again, must according to the technological requirements to each temperature zone temperature rises to the specified requirements, and insulation more than 30 minutes before boot, it is strictly prohibited to boot before temperature do not meet the requirements, so as not to damage parts. 3, when the hopper feeding, must ensure that the clean, beware of metal debris, sand and small tools into the mouth, in case of damage of barrel and screw, if found to have abnormal sound in operation, should immediately stop processing. 4, the screw from the barrel, should be properly handled, to prevent deformation, if long time don't hold back inside the barrel, must put the screw vertical hanging up, prevent bruising, bending and permanent deformation, barrel and screw surface coated with anti-rust oil for protection. 5, temperature controller, and the use of electronic instruments, electric switch, adjustment, maintenance, and maintenance shall be according to procedures and product specifications. 6, in addition to routine maintenance, regular maintenance should be done, every three months to make a thorough cleaning, die of various bearing once every three months to replace grease, once every six months on the replacement gear reducer lubricating oil, an overhaul of equipment as a whole on every two years. Note: read the instruction manual in detail before operating equipment, understanding of controlling and regulating function; Vigilant, pay attention to safety; Pay attention to safety; Wear suitable protective eye patch; Wear suitable protective clothing, The use of correct maintenance tool; Body can't direct contact with high temperature work or is heating equipment, pay attention to the high temperature melt overflow burn. Precision parts attention to scratch, etc. ; Implement appropriate for equipment maintenance and maintenance; The use of wires and power supply parameters should be absolutely prohibited meet requirements during overhaul circuit connected power supply; Absolutely forbidden body into the equipment may cause harm to human body parts such as transmission; After equipment maintenance, timely put back the equipment protection facilities; Before turning on the power supply, confirm equipment grounding is good.
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