Basic knowledge of cascading flexographic printing presses

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
Cascading structure of flexographic printing machine, printing color of multiple independent group of more than one layer at a time under the combination form of assembly in the frame of one side or both sides. Each color printing group is installed on the main panel with gears transmission. Cascading printer can contain 1 ~ 8 color printing group, but the common flexographic printing machine is made up of six color group. Cascading flexographic printing press mainly has three advantages. First, the operator in the process of a paper feed by reverse tape double-sided printing. Through a variety of different paper route, if in strip continuous after printing design enough drying time between units, can achieve positive before they go into reverse printing ink to fully dry. Second, the printing color group has a good accessibility, gave up to replace and clean operation more convenient. Third, can print the large-format calendar. Cascading flexographic printing machine applicable range is very wide, almost can print all kinds of substrates. But also has some limitations in some occasions. When substrates is a ductile material or very thin material, cascading flexographic printing press overprint precision is difficult to achieve + 0. Demands to 8 mm during printing color materials has its limitations. But when substrates for some of the thicker material, such as paper, multi-layer composite film or other material can withstand very high strip tension, cascading flexographic printing machine is easier to print out the economy of alignment and nice business calendar. Typical 6 color wide web cascading flexographic printing presses, unit in wallboard is elevated stacked 1 - either one or both Into the paper tension area paper roll; 2 - The ink metering roller; 3 - Anilox roller; 4 - Plate cylinder; 5 - Impression cylinder; 6 - Printing units; 7 - Unit between drying device cascading flexographic printing machine also has many other USES, such as can be, together with other types of machines for online printing operations. These auxiliary equipment can be extrusion molding machine, bag making machine, single cutting machine, laminating machine, or other device. By some special design, can achieve each color group 360 ° circumferential alignment positioning and separate transmission clutch, thus let the printer when necessary in some color printing run. Cascading printing machine also can be used for coating or base color printing ( Full color printing) 。 Because each transmission between printing color group is independent of each other, it is easier to realize the inking device different from the mechanical structure changes. At the same time, through the change of material go paper route for immersion coating or coating on the basis of ordinary operation. These techniques have also been in the corrugated board applied in lining materials printed.
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