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Bag making machine definition

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
Bag making machine is the production of all kinds of plastic bags or other material packaging machine, the machining scope for various size specifications of different thickness of the packing bag of plastic or other materials, generally with plastic bags as the main product. Bag making machine, also known as sealing and cutting machine. Sealing and cutting machine according to cut hair can be divided into heat sealing eagerly machine, cold hot sealing and cutting machine; According to sealing and cutting direction can be divided into bottom sealing machine and edge sealing machine. Build up the company production of various kinds of bag making machine specification, can be in accordance with the requirements and different USES custom bag making machine. Vest bag machine equipment list: producing vest bag, bag making machine and punching machine is the necessary machinery. Usually produce vest bag bag making machine is divided into two kinds, heat sealing cold cutting bag making machine and heat sealing bag making machine. 600 - a, SHXJ 800 type computer cold hot sealing and cutting machine cut cold heat sealing bag making machine production is at the bottom of the bag heat sealing again cold cuts, we usually USES the market is the vest bag. Heat sealing cold cutting bag making machine is suitable for a variety of materials such as PE, PP, PVC heat sealing cold cut bag, with automatic counting, photoelectric tracking, transformation of color bag with white bag, self-check function out-of-step alarm downtime, etc. Second, the DFR - 600 type computer automatic bag heat sealing eager DFR - Series 600, heat sealing eagerly bag making machine is made up of light, machine, gas, electricity and other integration. The machine adopts advanced principle of bag making machine, Japan developed a new generation of high grade, the computer automatic bag heat sealing eagerly. Sealing and eager fully synchronous, completely without tension and back strong and beautiful. This machine is suitable for processing tubular plastic color and color to order this vest bags ( Vest bag) , imported photoelectric tracking, precise in the position of printing design, dc speed regulating motor, cycloid needle turbine reducer, with overload, over voltage, over current, and other automatic protection function, with automatic counting device, can be arbitrary set pieces can be stacked. Completion of each batch of sack, automatic discharging, automatic reset. Three, cutting machine, also known as punching machine for vest bag, flat pocket stamping forming. Replace the blunt knife bag different specifications can be processed. Of course we have the second, is to use automatic gushing bag making machine. Scheme 2: SHXJ - G600 type automatic gushing double bag making machine computer control the automatic gushing bag making machine is suitable for high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene plastic film heat sealing bag making, adopting high speed stepping motor double feed, gas hydraulic impact 'U' shape mouth shape at a time. Simple operation, high yield, can greatly improve the production efficiency.
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