Actual case reference indentation machine troubleshooting

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Creasing machine widely used in packaging processing industry is quite important, machine, an important part of the clutch is creasing machine! Clutch once appear, fault, indentation machine will not be able to work properly. Creasing machine failure phenomenon: crushing part no action, can't work normally. Through inspection found that start the yoke on flywheel at normal speed, do not produce magnetic starter coil, as long as the big flywheels motionless or low speed, and then start the winding magnetic force. According to this phenomenon is our judgement circuit out of the question, has nothing to do with the mechanical parts. We remove the first check and starting coil, found no serious damage or burn out its surface, and carefully measure the electromagnetic coil, its resistance value is 5. 2 ohm, voltage value of D. C22 volts, all within the normal range. Then, we check in control cabinet line, also did not find any problems, then will be next to a creasing machine for normal operation of the power supply cord from the outputs of the control cabinet, to verify whether the control cabinet is normal, everything was normal. So the question is, can only be in the starting coil circuit. By the electrical drawings that creasing machine all the zero line and the ground is the same root ( Namely the creasing machine shell) Starting coil, the cathode through the bearing and the shaft connected to the wall, form a closed loop that coil to work properly. So coil can not work normally, there are two reasons: one is the coil input without electricity, 2 it is zero. We first check the input end and found that the power terminal contact false, so will use sand paper burnish terminal using screw to lock terminals, at the input problem. But creasing machine is still not working, so can only be zero. Mentioned above the ground of the indentation machine is machine itself, under the stationary state is conduction, motor turning up should also be normal conduction, but actual measurement result is dynamic. Why is that? Generated when the original flywheel in high speed centrifugal force, the wear of bearing inner steel ball under the action of centrifugal force and the bearing inner sleeve off and closely contact with coat, this bead, suites have a certain gap, led to the zero line open circuit. Determine whether the problem is on the zero line, the easiest way is to connect a wire end on the earthing terminal, and the other end of the direct contact with the flywheel, observe whether there is a movement starting coil, if the action of coil is normal, then the problem is out of the zero line. The solution is to wear a new bearing replacement. In addition, if the big wheel bearing in too much of the lubricating oil, easy to appear the phenomenon, solution is the use of herbicides, such as gasoline will bearing lubricating oil clean. In order to fundamentally solve the problem, we will to coil circuit with coil into the line for the same way, the carbon brush of the terminal wire connected to the machine pick up location is good, and the other end of the carbon brush direct contact with the flywheel. This can effectively prevent large flywheel bearing gap is too big, and can avoid excessive lubricating oil of poor contact problem, to protect both the coil, and ensure the normal order of the work coil.
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