Cup machine, sheet machine, the production is inseparable from the material of plastic

by:Mengxing     2020-03-03
System cup machines is the use of disposable paper cups, we live plastic cup manufacturing equipment, plastic packaging industry to use most of the material, whether system cup machines or sheet machine, is inseparable from the plastic of the material, but because of 08 of the plastic limit to come later, all adopted different measures, and some people often forget to the role of the rules, they began to comprehensive plastic ban, this is not practical, also is not very reasonable, plastic products, especially the use of disposable plastic products or boxes machine production of snack box products, return again in the whole society. Companies have argued that the government should to disposable plastic products 'plastic limit' rather than 'lent'. With recycling value, non-toxic, less pollution to the environment of polypropylene tableware should not be banned from production. Polypropylene is a kind of repeated use of non-toxic, recyclable materials, but the polystyrene is a kind of harmful to human body, and there is no recovery value of material, currently on the market of disposable foam plastic tableware made of polystyrene material to make more. To these poisonous tableware, the government should not be allowed to use, but for nontoxic polypropylene tableware, it should be allowed to enterprise production and sales.
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