Stretch film machine, stretching and stretching

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
According to the different methods of stretch film machine to wrap film tensile, it can be divided into 'pre-stretching' type and 'stretching resistance' two broad categories: 1, the resistance of stretch wrap film machine: refers to the frictional resistance by adjusting the resistance tensile mechanism, make the wrap film passive pull out the pallet rotational speed is slow in speed, and at the same time of wrap film was wrapped around the above goods. Because resistance can be adjust for 'zero', so the quality of any stretch film or ordinary plastic film can be used, but for the lighter, high goods, unable to realize stable packing, and the film consumption is higher. 2, pretensioning type winding machine: refers to the institutions by pre stretch film, will wrap film according to predefined 'draw ratio' after stretch wrap around the pallet. Its advantage is smooth exhibition, packaging beautiful, strong adaptability, Ultra light, ultra high goods all can use) And under the same conditions than 'resistance stretching' type 30 ~ 50% saving consumables.
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