Stretch film machine operators how to safely operate the machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Without training, do not know the structure performance of stretch film machine or operating procedures, should not do STH without authorization to start the stretch film machine. Every time before starting, must check whether the power supply is normal? Panel operation indicator light is normal? Stretch film machine membranes observed whether in the beginning. Manual drawing film, and the thin film is fixed to the bottom of the packing materials. According to the tray start button, according to the requirements of the packing objects, decided to film wrapped layer and membrane rack up high. Speed through the tray and membrane rising height adjustment, to achieve the ideal effect of packaging. Manually adjust the membrane pressure spring pressure, so as to adjust the tension of film. The operator through the test package, decided the packing process, set packaging process parameters. Try packing after normal, officially packaging operations. Each class homework finished, downtime, cut off power supply, to do a good job of 6 s. When the stretch film machine malfunction, should immediately stop, notify the maintenance personnel, shall not, without maintenance.
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