Global vacuum forming machinery market size will become 3 years. 5%

by:Mengxing     2021-01-06
According to the latest survey by the industrial market research firm, according to the results of the future global plastics processing equipment market scale will be 3 per year. Increasing at a rate of 5%, will reach $18. 8 billion by 2009. According to the survey, the United States and Japan plastic processing equipment demand to signs of a recovery in Western Europe market demand growth will accelerate in 2009. Due to the overall global economic situation is good, income increase, the plastic products consumer demand and yield will continue to grow. China, India and Russia plastic processing equipment sales prospects look good. Turkey, the Czech republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions in the world thanks to the steady economic growth, industrialization and to continue the personal income increased, the plastic processing equipment demand will grow. Look from the product type, global extrusion equipment demand is expected to be more than other types of plastics processing equipment. The sustainable development of the global construction market and boost the demand for pipe, wall plate and other extrusion products, thus promote the global extrusion equipment demand growth. ( Source: China chemical news)
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