Sustained growth over the next 15 years China molding machine

by:Mengxing     2021-01-06
Sustained growth over the next 15 years China molding machine

- 2007 04 - 24 09:19:28

some experts believe that the demand for up to 8. 5 billion yuan of vacuum forming machinery industry in China over the next 15 years will continue to maintain growth momentum.

the rapid development of domestic plastics processing industry, promoted the demand of vacuum forming machine. By the long-term planning of China plastics industry in 2005 to the production of plastic products will reach 25 million tons, output is expected to double in 2015, 50 million tons. Secondly, obsolete equipment phase, needs a large number of high-tech equipment, should be based on raw materials formula, processing technology and product application development of new products, new technology and new markets.
China is vacuum forming machinery production country in the world, but for many years, exports of all products generate only about 5%. According to China's current molding machine production capacity and the export potential, increasing exports to become one of the breach of the further development of molding machine.
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