Stretch film machine instructions and the matters needing attention

by:Mengxing     2020-06-05
A product description, stretch film machine for LLDPE stretch film machine, Linear low density polyethylene) As the main raw material, using several different type of resin, produced by extruder extrusion with self-adhesive single glue or double-sided adhesive stretch wrap film, the film has a higher degree, puncture resistance and impact resistance. Wrap film with good retraction memory and self-adhesive, can make goods tightly wrapped into a whole, when transported to prevent flash fall collapse and dust pollution, and the film also has excellent transparency and extension, can make the packing beautiful and easy, economical and practical. Can be widely used in commodities unitized pallet packaging, transport is used in heat shrinkable packaging film better alternatives. 2, 3 points of attention in the stretch film machine instructions when using 1. Stretch film machine is strictly prohibited in the process of work will hand, hair, thy skirts, scarves, ties, etc in stretch film machine; 2. After finished work, deal with film winding machine clean; Regular inspection of stretch film machine maintenance, keep the winding machine and mold the post within the chain lubrication between the inside and outside the chain, when film winding machine have sloshing phenomenon in the process of moving up and down, can pass tension chain to solve the problem of formwork shaking. 3. In order to ensure the safety, only electrical technicians to electrical equipment for maintenance to open stretch film machine.
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