Significantly enhance China's packaging machinery automation

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
As the control and drive technology, servo technology and the concept of digital intervention, packaging machinery market has gone through several rounds of change. As the supporting industry of national economy in many areas, packaging machinery industry to benefit from the prosperity of other industries, its technology and supporting services to reaction in other industries. Packaging machine industry in China in recent years, maintain growth of around 16% a year, China has become the world's largest commodity producer and exporter, at the same time, the fastest growing global attention is focused on, the largest and the most potential of China's packaging market. Packaging machinery toward high-end transition has gradually revealed its strong momentum of development, the degree of automation, intelligent devices would increase greatly. The production enterprise the urgent demand for automatic packaging machinery will stand out, but at the same time, the present situation of the domestic packaging machinery industry development is relatively backward and intensified the contradiction between supply and demand, and eventually led to the vicious cycle. Although the packaging machinery industry in China and not doing nothing, but only to independent research and development of science and technology innovation, close to the user, as soon as possible the business instead of blindly introduction and imitation of traditional mode, can make the healthy development of China's packaging industry and market, and catch up with the world's advanced level as soon as possible. International advanced packaging equipment supplier has aggressively into China each production industry, and are still under expansion, their products with reliable stability, humanized design, content of higher science and technology and other features of the conquered a lot of enterprises. Packaging industry to other industry services, therefore, at the same time it is also relatively independent industry, both in terms of the requirements of the development of the industry itself, or from enhance China's overall competitiveness, the need to address. Green packaging represents the packaging industry development direction, meet the needs of the green consumption, our country should put the development of green packaging industry between man and nature and the environment coordinated economic and social sustainable development.
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