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by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Main production PP sheet molded plastic sheet machine, is a new type of thermoset moulding plastic, used in chemical industry, machinery, medicine, electrical appliances, electronic industry, sheet material machine is a joining device thickening agent, filler, release agent, curing agent composed of polyester resin, such as dipping, glass fiber yarn, the two sides with mulch, form a sandwich structure of an increase of unsaturated polyester glass fiber composite materials production equipment. The Chinese name of the PP plate is polypropylene, engineering plastics is a kind of excellent comprehensive performance. Refers to the use of PP sheet/plate copolymerization or the homopolymerization PP by extrusion method, the PP sheet, plate, they are divided according to different thickness. PP sheet/plate features: smooth surface smooth, high strength, high rigidity, high hardness, flame retardant, insulation, moistureproof, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, deformation, light resistance, anti fade as well as good weatherability. PP plate/sheet is widely used in chemical industry, machinery, medicine, electrical appliances, electronic industry such as structural materials. 页( Polypropylene) Has outstanding physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, so the PP have the laudatory title of 'the king of transparent plastic, sheet made of polypropylene material, are common international adoption of a new type of high strength, light, sound insulation, energy-saving materials, there are other common building decoration materials ( Such as glass, Angle of glass, toughened glass, hollow glass, organic glass, etc. ) The incomparable advantages. So since appeared in the late 80 s, is quickly into the building decoration materials market, and the architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental protection, the advertising industry, agriculture, horticulture widely respected and praise. Physical properties in density is small, the strength stiffness, hardness, heat resistance are better than that of low pressure polyethylene, can use at 100 degrees, with good performance and high frequency insulation is not affected by humidity, but low temperature time-varying crisp, not resistant to aging. Suitable for making general machinery parts, corrosion parts and insulation parts. The thickness is between 0. 2 - 0. 4 mm between the PP plate sheet, mainly used in food packaging, such as disposable transparent food in the supermarket packing box, one-time PP cups, such as its main raw material for all PP ( Such as domestic t30s, f401, 2401, etc. ) , also have a small amount of random copolymerization PP. The thickness is between 0. 5 - 0. 8 mm between sheet is mainly used in environmental protection, as water treatment material, the material can be used in underwater seven or eight years, the main raw material for copolymerization PP. The thickness of 0. 8 - 6 mm PP plate/sheet is mainly used in chemical tank lining, can also be used for water treatment in environmental protection. About 3 mm thickness of PP plate material used to make plastic Christmas tree decorations, etc. PP hollow plank material thickness in 2 - general 7 mm, is used mainly for package, packing boxes, sheet greenhouses, shower booths across the board, decorative plates, exhibition board, wall board, lamp plate, such as its main raw material for block copolymer PP. Thickness is greater than 6 mm PP sheet is mainly used in industry, raw material is commonly block copolymerized PP, there are some manufacturers use random homopolymerization and copolymerization PP.
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