Sheet machine, plastic processing technology of a crystalline

by:Mengxing     2020-03-26
Plastic sheet machine is one of the most we use plastics production and processing machinery, the machine has the production of various specifications of plastic sheet, extrusion molding characteristics. Here introduce a crystalline plastics processing technology. Plastics into crystalline and non-crystalline type ( Amorphous) Plastic two categories. Cup machine production, is different from the system for some solid materials, the particles if they are both short-range order, is remote and orderly, is called them crystal materials, and is called an amorphous materials or amorphous materials. Crystalline type plastic of the following parts: 1) When the temperature rises to the molding temperature required more calories, should choose plasticizing capacity of equipment. ( 2) Condensation heat emitted by big, sufficient to mould cooling. ( 3) The density difference between molten and solid, molding shrinkage, shrinkage cavity or porosity. ( 4) Cooling fast, low crystallinity, shrink, and high transparency. And crystallinity of the plastic parts wall thickness, high crystallinity, shrinkage, good physical properties. ( 5) Anisotropic significantly, the internal stress. After stripping of crystallization molecules have a tendency to continue to crystallization, prone - warp. ( 6) Narrow crystallization melting point range, easy happening not melting powder injection mold gate or jam. Plastic removed from the hot mold and after cooling to room temperature, the size change of characteristics called shrinkage rate. Because the contract is not only the heat bilges cold shrink of the resin itself, but also associated with the forming factors of various boxes machine, forming machine, so called molding contraction after molding plastic parts.
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