Sheet machine operation procedures

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Sheet machine operation procedures are as follows: 1, before starting, check equipment electrical part and mechanical part, confirmed rear can start up production. 2, production preparation: wear protective equipment operators to avoid burns. According to the requirements of process requirement preheat roller to temperature. Check the water, the hopper. 3, boot production: operators should focus on, sheet thickness and width measurement at any time, timely adjustment of rolling speed and roller spacing, ensure uniform sheet thickness, are not allowed to appear the phenomenon such as surface scratches, bumps, trimming. 4, pay attention to the same size when volume, the surface is bright and clean and tidy. 5, equipment failure occurred in the process of operation, should immediately stop, notify maintenance equipment maintenance personnel. 6, earnestly on various hand-over records and production records. 7, after work, will clean up equipment, shut off the power, clean health.
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