Set the temperature of the plastic granulator

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
Plastic granulator is mainly used for processing of waste plastic film industrial packaging film, woven bag, agricultural convenience bag, basin, barrels and bottles, furniture, supplies, etc. , PET granulator is applicable to most common waste plastic, waste plastic recycling industry is USES the most widespread, the most widely used, the most popular with the users of plastic processing machinery. In the operation of the granulator must pay attention to the temperature setting: plastic granulator temperature of the first set to see out of the nose, this is very important, because it is a key to find the reason first. There are raw materials, the temperature is too low, it should be heating; Have a coke, the temperature is too high, must be cool and so on. See particle surface glossiness and compactness. Plasticizing, particles loose: matt surface was caused by improper granulation temperature and cooling water temperature control. Temperature control is very important in the process of granulation. Next, open the plastic granulator district temperature can be set at 200 degrees, inlet temperature 20 degrees can be slightly lower, this is in the production of dry material, specific see material extrude to adjust ( Novice is switched on at high temperature as far as possible, so that you can avoid the damage to the machine caused by temperature is not enough) ; As far as possible to waste less water content, will waste, before entering the granulator, first dry after crushing. In addition, the barrel of the vent gas (as far as possible The water vapor) Unobstructed, so that the interior of the particles is not easy to have bubble; Frequently change filter ( Filter must be greater than the shunt board around) Filters can be in 40 - According to the product quality requirements to choose between 100 mesh; Filter mesh number, the higher the impurity filter clean. Cooling water temperature control: to ensure that cut particle has a certain temperature to evaporation particle on the surface of the water; After the selected types of additives used to determine its addition amount.
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