Mix machine in the daily maintenance and maintenance

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
Mixer is one of the essential in the process of industrial production machinery and equipment, in many industries and fields has been very widely used, especially in medicine and food, fodder, ceramics industries plays a great role, mixer body is simple and reasonable, when people use it to stir are closed operation, use more simple and convenient, and cleaning is very easy, for people to bring more help in the process of operation, saving human stir trouble, greatly improving the work efficiency, so, how should mix machine in the daily maintenance and maintenance? 1, when people is using blender equipment surrounding environment should be removed, cannot be stored or place some of the items has nothing to do with work, so as not to affect the normal operation of the mixer effect, people can't stand too close to mechanical equipment, in order to avoid damage to people's physical 2, should be inspected carefully before starting the equipment of the control switch, safety interlocks, etc. , and also should see the cover lock is whether there is a case of damage such as lake comprehensive failure phenomenon, if found to have abnormal phenomenon, should be handled in time, prevent the influence to the use of machinery and equipment performance
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