Making a cup of machine internal coupling is used

by:Mengxing     2020-06-09
Use most of the plastic cup in the city now are adopted system cup machines for processing production, and one of the main representative is the disposable plastic cups, the one-off plastic cup now is to use the system of machining. And this kind of system cup machines or production have the characteristics of a lot of, here are one of the coupling components. System cup machine is the main purpose of the coupling will be two separate axis along the length of the link as a whole can transfer torque. But the main purpose coupling often complete different function, so structure type, there are many structure different from the beginning of the minimalist to very complex form. Now is the most simple coupling lid machine fixed coupling, the coupling is only one purpose, namely the connection at both ends to make the links work as a shaft. Thus the requirements of this coupling is: simple structure under the sufficient strength; Easy installation; A better center alignment, namely two axis geometry axis geometry axis in line. According to the working condition sometimes must allow the coupling links two axis of the axial movement of each other, this will be use to adjust the coupling. While maintaining geometric axis parallel circumstances allow a small displacement of the coupling and allow a collection of connecting shaft axis some angular displacement of the coupling are also belong to this type.
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