Introduction to film machine maintenance

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
As the saying goes: 'tools don't unknown, don't have to' brain, with the development of the society, laminating machine has been widely used, how to maintain good become the main theme of today. The following is the author introduces how to maintain good laminating machine: 1. Regular inspection parts spare parts, if damaged, replace immediately if there is any damage. 2. Water for the flower seeds seeder, adjust ( 1) Shape adjustment (1) the ridge ridge high adjustment: up dirt shovel cut, can increase the height of the ridge, but at the same time should be seeded opener and the limit of deep barrel to the corresponding parts. Up dirt shoveled raised, can reduce the height of the ridge, at the same time should be seeded opener and deep barrel is also limited to cut to the corresponding parts of the film machine. 3. Reasonable according to the description rules of operation, to ban all improper operation. A good intaglio printing machine, not only the required operating specifications, maintenance is equally important, hope everybody strictly follow laminating machine operation and maintenance regulations, develop a good habits of laminating machine use, in order to prolong the service life of machine laminating machine.
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