In recent years the development of food processing machinery, such as system cup machines

by:Mengxing     2020-06-10
Actually for city development now, most of the time, need the data analysis and understanding of the problem, and what kind of industry, whether in the cities development is a transition period, even the food industry is no exception. For the food industry needs to use mechanical development, too, the cup machine production of disposable plastic cup is the most used in the city. And another kind of fast food industry to use more of the disposable fast-food containers, boxes machine is used for production, these are all of the food packaging machinery, their development is also further shows the development of food processing machinery. And rapid development of food processing, need a lot of high quality packaging machinery and food processing machinery, but also bring the opportunity for food packaging machinery manufacturing industry. According to the relevant parties predicts that by 2005, China's food machinery and packing industry output value will reach 30 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate could reach 10%. 5%, total output value 9. 2 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of national output. Industry mainly displays in: the problems existing in the research and development spending less, technical force is weak; The low level to repeat too much; Industry science and technology strength is insufficient; Personnel of international trade; Strain capacity is not strong.
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