Cup machine production and the range of plastic thermoforming

by:Mengxing     2020-04-23
Most of the time, making cup machine to produce disposable plastic cups are most used in the city of glass, and this kind of disposable products the most common used in the food industry. Because of low cost, easy to use, the characteristics of the one-off plastic cup also known as quick, actually most of the time, we are all need to use to this kind of plastic cup. And the production of its machinery is belong to a kind of BOPS hot forming machine, here is to introduce the so-called one-time molding equipment production. Usually what we call 'plastic thermoforming packaging enterprise' refers to: ( A) Positive pressure hot molding machine ( Such as the cup machine) The production of disposable plastic health cup, yogurt cup, jelly cup, ice cream cup, li riceses leave, and other products of enterprises; ( 2) With negative pressure heat molding machine ( Such as vacuum molding machine) Toys outer, food box, medicine box, industrial packaging products. Used together, of course, also have a positive negative pressure of thermoforming machine. Because these products are almost all at once, so these products can also be referred to as 'one-off' plastic packaging products.
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