Composite sheet machine has the special performance by market favour

by:Mengxing     2020-06-13
With the deep development of dairy products, beverage industry, more and more is also high to the requirement of plastic cup. System cup machines in addition to the appearance of the good quality, transparent, bright and pretty hard, also asked with a longer preservation function and shelf life, and the single sheet can not satisfy this requirement. The production sheet manufacturers with multi-layer co-extrusion plastic composite sheet, on the one hand is the demand of the market, on the other hand also is the need of product upgrading. Single sheet machine, less investment, cover from the machine more than competitors, sheet prices low. And multi-layer composite sheet machine production line has the advantages of large investment, less competition, sheet is of good quality and high production of hot forming products, and the market price is good. Cups printer is another reason why composite co-extrusion plastic sheet machine production can eat more recycled materials in order to reduce costs. Multi-layer co-extrusion plastic composite material with special properties will be more and more be favorred by the market.
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