Automatic plastic wrap cartoning machine performance characteristics

by:Mengxing     2020-04-29
Characteristics: fully automatic machine cling film boxes by sensors, photoelectric, mechanical overload protection device, monitoring, alarm, fault display system with no product supply box, carton no glue or into the box does not reach the designated position alarm, no products many times continuously, or overload automatic stop series of protective measures, such as to ensure the safe operation of the machine. The whole machine is controlled by PLC man-machine interface, the principle of continuous chain row movement is adopted, thus ensuring the stability of the high speed running. Interface with on-line reserves: through the photoelectric switch to detect objects, found in the box packing machine conveyor belt direction of material ( Cling film, aluminum sheet roll) And in the process do not suck box, at the same time to glue cartons also not make glue processing, which can avoid a waste of paper. And set up automatic wait function can make the speed of closest matching and rewinding machine production capacity. The device can be connected to more rewinding machine forming one-stop packaging production line.
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