Why to the plastic film bag, vest bag factory

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
With the continuous development of commodity economy, people's living level gradually improve, consumption structure and lifestyle changes, in speeding up the pace of life, a has both time saving, energy saving, easy to deposit, easy portability and transparent, moisture antioxidant, chemical stability and strong air tightness, plastic film bag has been vigorously promoted. Since put into production market more and more get the favour of people, it is widely applied to food, chemical, medical, financial, transportation, clothing and other fields. Build up brand blown film machine main features: 1. Screw, cylinder adopt 38 crmoala high quality alloy steel, after nitriding processing and precision machining, high hardness, corrosion resistance is strong, durable. 2. Hard chrome plating membrane, its structure is screw spindle type, uniform discharge, flow, air cooling device for maze type structure, uniform air volume, automatic temperature control, automatic heating, lift traction device, can according to different technical requirements, automatically adjust the height of the mast, with board institution, can make the vest bag. 3. Independent coiling unit adopts torque motor winding, winding flat, convenient for volume change. This unit used in blow high density polyethylene (ldpe HDPE) , low density polyethylene ( HDPE) And linear low density polyethylene ( LLDPE) Plastic film, widely used in fruit, food, clothing, textiles, daily necessities, such as the packing of the products and industrial products. After formulation can produce pearl film, degradation of film.
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