Why don't the lid machine can produce PP lid

by:Mengxing     2020-03-15
Lid machine used in the coating production of BOPP packing tape. Will roll substrate coated with specific functions of glue, paint and ink, and drying after winding. It adopts special disc type production line high speed coating head, can effectively reduce the generation of air bubbles, system cup machines and volumes are configured automatically pick membrane structure at full speed, tension closed-loop automatic control. But the cup printing machine effect may be less. Used for network printing version of the SEO working principle of the automatic coating machine is the same, but its performance according to the different models and different manufacturers and different. Silk screen coating machine is set on the vertical frame can clamping net frame of the device. Screen area is level before and after coating, the coating mechanism by the coating tank, and control coating groove Angle and pressure of mechanical components and pneumatic components. Small train sheet machine _ structure on both ends of the vertical bracket in a coating machine, polyurethane elastomer and BOPS thermoforming machine casting machine belt, chain or cable transmission, make coating agencies up and down, along the screen surface coating. Transmission mechanism connected to the server or on frequency conversion motor, make it smooth operation, and can accurately control the position of the coated institutions. Why don't cover machine can produce PP lid why don't cover machine can produce PP lid? Lid machine can produce flat lid, hemisphere type cup lid, perforated lid, the lid machine each module can be out of the four lid; Maximum forming speed can reach 35 die/min; Optional automatic lid, credits. Suitable for BOPS thermoforming machine, HIPS, PS, PVC, PET and other plastic sheet forming. From the perspective of the forming principle of lid machine, has limited it can not produce PP lid, because now in the market all the heating principle of the lid machine it to the heating plate heat. And the heating temperature of the heating plate can't achieve PP molding temperature.
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