Why don't most corporate websites now play a role?

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
In recent years, more and more enterprises begin to get to the Internet, but they are a doing a site is using the Internet, so spend a lot of money, please professional company website. Done, just lay, basic didn't have what effect. Countless such sites, can say, the amount, but in the numerous enterprise website, really play a role is a handful. Why is this? 1. Planning is not reasonable: please professional company to design the website are generally the following columns: home page, company profile, product display, feedback, job opportunities, this framework is simple to contact method is simple, clear and also pretty clear. However, if you want to make website better play interactive services for enterprise development, there are indeed some difficulties, many enterprises have no professional and technical personnel, please network company expense. 2. Design unreasonable now mostly enterprise website columns is not only a model, even home page is a model, that is the animation. Seems this is the fashion. Homepage with animation, to consider from a practical point of view, is not very reasonable. But if to consider, from the aspects of enterprise image publicity is said in the past. But at present, most of the enterprise website homepage animation does not show the image of the enterprise. Why is that? Countless because this kind of service of the company, so a good animator is not good, please, so he managed to imitate the do and how much they not bring benefits, just to imitate others form and make more money, Animation is calculate by seconds) 。 3. Promotion is not reasonable for corporate websites now, most of what little promotion, now many companies in order to find a more attractive selling point, then joined the website promotion service bar again. But their so-called promotion is just a agent for several big web site search engine to log in. Spend a lot of, little effect. Website promotion is a comprehensive service and the ongoing work, and most companies into has the specialty of this service is only formalism, cheat money. 4. Management most difficult enterprise please professional company to do website, many are not management platform, in this case, the content of the site update is difficult, and the contents of a website not timely update, lost his intention, long time not to update the content of the website, will be people forget, the establishment of the lost. Now, the enterprise website building market is more and more intense, most relevant service most of the business or a traditional relationship to development, but, if you want to do well the construction of the business enterprise website, really it is better to uniting the real kung fu a lot, make enterprise real feel to give them the benefits of website. Note: the main production enterprise need is their own product release and management, to be released on its web site free and manage their own products, to this point, we have taken note of, so, we have developed the enterprise product release management system, in the face of small and medium-sized enterprises who want to build the Gospel is a very good. Our system with the general function of enterprise to have!
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