Why do lunch box machine produce always emphasizes the security measures

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
Lunch box machine is very common in production at present life fast food utensils machine, but because it is serving our products diet food, so for the safety and health, we attach importance to every consumer, once the health or safety is unqualified, so damage or we the user's body. Lunch box machine in the process of producing is how to ensure the safety of the boxes? In fact, we often use paper plates in appearance is a layer of reflective film. This layer of polyethylene material is waterproof membrane, paper plate machine in the process of producing each must ensure that the existence of the membrane, but the distance on the basis of the data is not the same as well as the technology, many defect paper plate machine produced by the membrane under the effect of the air, very simple oxidation generated a kind of harmful compounds. So, in our paper machine is usually called the membrane technology for paper machine produce the soul in the process of technology.
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