Where is the main application of the vacuum forming machine

by:Mengxing     2021-03-18
Vacuum blister molding machine has a wide range of applications, such as daily necessities blister packaging, electronic product blister packaging, food blister packaging, etc., which are all used in vacuum blister forming. Besides, in the industrial and pharmaceutical industries, vacuum blister is applied.

Why the vacuum blister molding machine is so easy to use is related to its blister characteristics. The blister method of vacuum blister molding is particularly compatible. It can produce products of various sizes and thicknesses. The thinnest sheet can reach 1 to 2mm or even thinner. Also, the vacuum blister's airtightness is excellent, and the transportation is convenient, which conforms to the current environmental protection concept. Moreover, the vacuum forming machine's running time will not be very long and can guarantee efficiency.

The blister machine is mainly composed of the following points: clamping equipment, heating equipment, vacuum equipment, cooling equipment, and control equipment. The clamping device is known as a fixing device, which fixes products that require plasticity through the clamping device. The heating equipment is to perform a heating process on the thermoplastic sheet to increase the thermal physical properties. Cooling equipment is to perform corresponding cooling work on the plastic surface. Generally, water cooling is used, and if it is a particular mold, it needs to be cooled by air. The control device is the corresponding controller, which is used to control the device. Usually, some essential equipment needs to be maintained regularly to ensure continuous and efficient work.
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